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Mental Health Services

Our view of Mental Health Care

Here at Second Chance Services we specialize in supporting you through life’s challenges – whether it’s general mental health issues like depression, bipolar, anxiety and trauma, or specific life events such as life transitions, multi-family dynamics, divorce, death of a loved one, adolescent issues, foster care, adoption, a career change, a chronic or disabling illness/pain, or any other of life’s many challenges.

We take a very progressive and humanist view of mental health and Illness and consider it a dynamic continuum (as does the very recent DSM 5, although thanks to Dr. B's background in Sociology of Mental Health and Illness he has held that view for 20+ years).  We, as do some of the great thinkers in the discipline such as Dr. Szasz, think of this continuum of Mental health and illness as "problems with living". That is, on any given day, anyone of us can have more or less problems with living; it is these problems and their accompanying ramifications with which we are concerned. Although when you seek our care we will provide you with a through assessment and complete diagnosis, if one is warranted, the existence or nonexistence of a diagnosis is not the focus of our care; but rather helping you alleviate and/or live with these problems in living, their accompanying pain, suffering, and to achieve your goals in life - this is the dedication of our work with you!

That's why here at Second Chance Services we think of life’s problems and challenges as opportunities for personal growth & discovery and...

for Doing Life…Right…Now!