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Substance Use Services

Our Substance Use Services

We offer sustainable solutions strategies for substance use issues in outpatient, aftercare, education and relapse prevention services for adolescents, and adults. Our dynamic and highly tailored programs are able to meet the needs of famlies, single parents, students, professionals, and the unemployed alike.

Starting with our triangulated biopsychosocial evaluation we are able to pinpoint your unique needs and then tailor your individual treatment program to meet those needs. Like most programs we take into consideration your chemical dependency history; but unlike the other typical and traditional programs we are uniquely qualified to thoroughly assess and treat social structural issues and mental health issues which are often the root of substance use behavior but are left undiagnosed and untreated by the "other guy's" program. Ever wonder why you hear "this is my sixth time in treatment"?

Although our treatment model does not center around the medical management of substance use and mental health disorders, when warranted, medical management is available through a consulting psychiatrist. Should a physical examination or other medical treatments be needed, we will work with your physician in formulating a treatment plan.

We also offer drug and alcohol screenings for the state of Kansas (“DUI assessments”) and are also able to provide a detailed written drug and alcohol evaluation to individuals, state agencies, court personnel or employers. These are completed at your convenience 24/7 and take approximately two hours.

You may also rest assured that, unlike some treatment centers in town, our facilities and personnel are fully licensed by the state of Kansas to screen, diagnose and treat both substance use and mental health disorders.

Not only are we a Kancare "medicaid" provider for the state of Kansas, we pride ourselves on offering services to all individuals regardless of ability to pay!