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Our Blog - Read it!

Here is SCS & Doc B's Blog. The opinions expressed here are necessarily the opinions of Doc B! That, however, doesn't mean that I don't understand and respect differing opinions, or that I might actually be incorrect in my opinion formulation. Neither, of course, does it mean that I will change my opinion! Sometimes opinions are held to inspite of surmounting evidence, however at some point one hopes that reason surmounts idealism! But again not always - some clearly incorrect opinions are taken to the grave because idealism can be such a strong a driving force in our lives!

With that being said, I do want to make it clear that having an opinion for me does not preclude my ability to see, understand, and even empathize with your perspective. As a professional therapist, respecting and empathizing with diversity is a major part of my job!

My Father's Blog

Here is my father's blog! To be clear my father's views are NOT part of the views of SCS! He's a "salty" old man - after all is blog is entitled the "The Old Rusty Nail" so...I include his blog on a lot of my web pages because, well, because he's my father and he's got a blog at the age of 82 years old!
However, he has been a writer all his life - a research scientist (very well known in Russia and China.), a federal government administrator (we know they write) for a research branch of the United States Air Force, and written a novel (for sale on Amazon)  - so he can write that is for sure! But you will find his style refreshing, he was raised without TV and he writes like it too!